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NTCPlus is an inspiring journey to intertwine happiness and health through personalized nutrition.

Our Story

Our founder, a caring MD, saw a problem: people struggling to find snacks that fit their diets. Inspired while buying ice cream for his daughter, he created a solution—a super-fast ice cream maker with premixes for various diets. Now, we’re making sticking to your diet easy and enjoyable. Join us on this flavorful journey!

Our Path


We’re on a mission to provide delicious snacks tailored to special diets and lifestyles, spreading joy and diverse flavors. Our snacks break the mold, are infused with creativity, and are customized to suit unique preferences. Every bite contributes to improved well-being.


We innovate Canadian ice cream to suit special diets and unique tastes, prioritizing quality and creativity in every scoop


1. Innovative Flavor Exploration

2. Quality and Well-being

3. Personalized Experience

4. Convenient Enjoyment

Our Products

The future of ice cream is here, experience an ice cream revolution with CrèmePresso. Turn your kitchen countertop into an Italian gelateria. In minutes you can churn out a range of delicious flavours to suit all exacting culinary connoisseurs. Preparing your own fresh and delectable ice cream has never been easier, select a flavor, pop in a pod, add water and presto, in under 2 minutes, impress your guests.

Our Ecosystem Partners

Our Ecosystem Partners

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NTC Plus Will Participate in Collision Conf 2024

28 May

We’re excited to announce that following our recent progress, NTC Plus (Nutritech Cuisine Plus) will be attending Collision Conf this June 17-20 as part of the startup program! Collision is referred to as “North America’s fastest-growing tech conference”. It brings together Fortune 500 companies, groundbreaking startups, and world-class speakers. This conference is a platform for […]


Exciting News: Accepted into AGP Program at VentureLab!

27 April

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently been accepted into the Accelerate Growth Program (AGP) at VentureLab. It’s an honor to be part of the VentureLab ecosystem and to have access to all the advisors and facilities they provide in the startup ecosystem. VentureLab is renowned for its commitment to nurturing and fostering the growth […]


Exploring the Trendiest Special Diets: A Comprehensive Guide

4 March

In today’s health-conscious world, special diets are more than just a passing trend – they’re a lifestyle choice embraced by millions worldwide. Whether driven by health concerns, ethical beliefs, or simply a desire for culinary exploration, these diets offer a plethora of benefits and challenges worth exploring. Here are some of the trendiest special diets […]


Ice Cream and Health​

28 February

Ice cream is a beloved treat but is often associated with high sugar, fat, and calories. However, healthier ice cream alternatives are available for those who want to indulge without compromising their health goals. Here’s a look at some of these alternatives, their nutritional aspects, and tips for moderation:​   Healthier Ice Cream Alternatives Low-Fat or […]


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